From one Grand Adventure to another!

I was blessed to have had the opportunity to spend 10 days with my oldest granddaughter (her high school graduation present).  We enjoyed our time between Vancouver and Seattle. Lots of sites were seen, laughs to be had and very memorable moments.

Now I’m back home and getting back to my backlog of customer quilts.  I am down to my last three before I can turn my focus on to our next great adventure!

Our next great adventure will take us approximately 9000 miles and three months to make. I will be teaching Art and Stitch in Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, Utah, California, Arizona and Tennessee.  The charm of being able to travel with a travel trailer and my husband is that we actually get to see part of the country as we move along. Our hope is to be able to visit National parks.  I am looking forward to Glacier, Yellowstone, Arches, Canyonland, Bryce, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon.  I think I may have missed some but I’m sure will be adding to the list as we continue on.

We are very lucky to have family in Rochester taking care of our home so we don’t have to worry about that!  All we need to worry about is our home on wheels 🙂

I figure I will be sharing our great adventure through my blog as it will post to Facebook as well. I am thinking that some of the post may get long and it’s harder to read long post on Facebook I think.

So stay tune if you’re interested in where in the world are Rich and Carol, we hope to meet some of you along our route this year. If you haven’t registered for one of my classes and are interested please go to the following website:

Til next time!

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It’s done!!

Is it wrong that I’m proud of myself that I persevered and finished this quilt?! While I love piecing, between customer quilts, commission quilts and teaching, this time has been at a premium!!It has taken me a year to complete to this point.

PS-it is only 27×36 😩

Any bets on how long it’ll take me to quilt the darn thing???

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Too many fun things!

I think we all have them, sleepless nights!  They used to be because I was worried about something, but lately it is because of all the fun and exciting things happening, I am blessed.

Teaching Art and Stitch is one of my biggest joys and I am looking forward to the 8 teaching engagements that are on my calendar between May and November!  I am looking forward to meeting new quilters and getting to see friendly faces from shows in past years. This year I will have the Happy Camper Crew (aka: Rich and Izzy) joining me!!

If you haven’t checked out the places I’ll be teaching Art and Stitch, click here:  2016 ANS schedule.  I hope to see down the road!

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A new endeavor!!

I have been asked several times in the last month if I sell my designs.  My answer is always “That has been the plan since Day 1 of getting Art & Stitch, but I just haven’t had the time!”

You see, in my mind I felt I needed to have an extensive library of designs to post on my website…so I have been digitizing in between teaching and quilting.  I still don’t have a library but I have a few favorites.  I took the multiple asks as a sign that I just need to embrace it and get over the feeling of not feeling ready….so I have added a couple designs on my website!

I will be posting more this weekend but I have to tell you that finally achieving a goal that I have had for years (albeit not the grand goal of a library of designs) is thrilling and scary all at the same time!

I hope you enjoy the freebie and like the designs I create. 

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A little work and a little play Sunday

I am in the midst of updating my website, which can be a painful experience, but I am hoping it will be worth the pain.

I had to balance this with some play time with Art & Stitch…awww, I just love watching designs grow from simple designs!!

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Snow Dyeing- The wait is over

Here is the big reveal on the snow dyeing:


Procion MX  dyes: Deep Purple, Raspberry and Avacado

Final piece:


Second piece (2yards!)


Procion MX Dyes: Turquoise,  Deep Purple,  Blue Mist and Brilliant Orange

Results :


Now to find the perfect project for these pieces!

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Embracing the season!

I finally tried snow dying!  In one short hour, I have 3 yards on their way to beautiful fabric!!  Now for the hard part…waiting 24 hours for the process to complete!




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I am so pleased that so many agreed that my brainstorm of hosting a bite sized large class session was a good idea! I have filled two sessions for January!

I received many suggestions for an evening session so I’m pleased to say that I will try an evening session for those who work outside the studio in February!

Do you techniques or functions you’d like to see spotlighted in an upcoming T3? Email me,!

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Starting 2015 with a BANG!

T3 title

I decided in December to launch my bite sized class idea in January.  I named it T3 – Technique Tuesdays.

The concept is to teach Art & Stitch in bite sized pieces, 3 techniques on the 3rd Tuesday at 3pm CST of the month.  That is why it was nicknamed T3!

I posted T3 on the Art & Stitch YahooGroup and within 12 hours the session was full!  I have decided to open a second session the following Tuesday.

The second session will be open for registration by the end of the day on my website (

If you have any requests for techniques to focused on, let me know!

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The nitty gritty!

I am trying to find new efficient ways to arrange my studio! So far, I have my drawing done…


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