A new endeavor!!

I have been asked several times in the last month if I sell my designs.  My answer is always “That has been the plan since Day 1 of getting Art & Stitch, but I just haven’t had the time!”

You see, in my mind I felt I needed to have an extensive library of designs to post on my website…so I have been digitizing in between teaching and quilting.  I still don’t have a library but I have a few favorites.  I took the multiple asks as a sign that I just need to embrace it and get over the feeling of not feeling ready….so I have added a couple designs on my website!

I will be posting more this weekend but I have to tell you that finally achieving a goal that I have had for years (albeit not the grand goal of a library of designs) is thrilling and scary all at the same time!

I hope you enjoy the freebie and like the designs I create. 

About simplythebestquilting

I am a certified Art & Stitch teacher and am available to travel to teach Art & Stitch, I also teach Art & Stitch online! Please contact me for further information on either learning options, simplythebestquilting@yahoo.com. I am a Non-Smoking professional longarm quilt business located in Rochester, Minnesota. Check out my website for further information on all the services and classes available @ www.simplythebestquilting.com.
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1 Response to A new endeavor!!

  1. Who needs sleep? Go for it!!! YOU are a FABULOUS instructor and the extra exposure will be good for that part of your life too. Good Luck!!


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